Like most adults nowadays, you probably don’t believe in Santa Claus anymore, but this video could be about to change that. In what could only be described as footage worthy of a Holiday-themed Fast and Furious, we discover the good deeds of an anonymous French Santa Claus on two wheels who made sure a hit-and-run perpetrator landed on his naughty list. The ending is a healthy dose of karma and milk.

The video begins as the jolly rider clad in Santa Claus attire hits the streets with what seems to be the sole mission of spreading the Holiday cheers. Turns out his cookie run is about to become a whole lot more exciting. As he makes a right at an intersection, the camera mounted to his helmet captures a small black Renault hatchback apparently running a red light, and hitting a pedestrian crossing the street. Instead of stopping as etiquette and even law states, the driver carries on.

Except, nobody’s serving hit-and-runs on Santa’s watch. Without a second thought, the festive crusader follows the driver and catches up to him, trying to bar his way with his bike to get him to stop, as he should. Turns out the driver is having none of it. He drives around the rider and follows traffic like nothing happened.

Follows a slow-speed chase in the streets of the French town—traffic keeps the pace down—in which Riding Santa tries to get the driver to stop. The rider finally spots two officers on motorcycles and swiftly exposes the situation to one of them, identifying the culprit. The latter tries to make a run for it, but dense traffic halts his run. The officers easily catch up to him and proceed to arrest the perpetrator with the full guns and shackles.

Tell Liam Neeson we’ve got a movie idea for him—if Die Hard can be considered a Christmas movie, a badass karma-serving Santa Claus should be a hit! This satisfaction you feel watching this video is my gift, from me to you. Yippie ki yay motherkisser.

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