How excited are you, seriously? At RideApart, we’re getting ready to pop the champagne. Ewan McGregor’s acolyte and fellow adventurer Charley Boorman confirmed in an interview that the duo was, in fact, working on a Long Way Round and Long Way Down sequel entitled Long Way Up. After over a decade, we’re so ready for it.

Charley and Ewan are back! Charley and Ewan are back! Light the beacons and send messengers on horses to all the villages to spread the good news. In an interview recorded at the Bike Shed Motorcycle Show, Charley Boorman confirmed that pal Ewan McGregor and himself are working on the Long Way Up. After going around the world from London to New York and traveling from the UK to South Africa, the guys will now tackle the Americas.

Boorman candidly explained that the trip is set to take place a few months from now and that Ewan and himself will travel from South America up to the United States. Why not up to Alaska escapes me, but I’m too happy to hold it against them.

Mysteriously, he adds that they aren’t going to do it “traditionally”, mentioning that they planed a few surprises and twists along the way. Your guess as to what those surprises are is as good as mine.

This year marks the 15th anniversary of the Long Way Round, aired for the first time in October 2004. The Long Way Down followed a few years later in 2007. Since then, both gentlemen have been busy with other projects, leaving us yearning for more.

The interviewer, Bremont Watches co-founder Nick English, confirms Charley will have traveled the entire world once this trip concludes, to which Charley jokingly adds the next step would have to be space. Who in for the Long Way Out?


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