Did you know there is a Ducati Museum in Borgo Panigale, Italy? Did you further know that this museum hosts interesting temporary exhibitions, and that one is about to open? Well, you do now. If you’ll be near Bologna, Italy this summer you might want to make a point to check it out.

Ducati does a ton of research and development with its racing motorcycles. This particular exhibit, called “The Anatomy of Speed,” focuses on the racing motorcycles’ aerodynamics, wind-tunnel testing and computer modeling. This aspect of Ducati’s MotoGP bikes is as important as the performance, since the power of the bike and the wind it moves through must work together to get the bike over the finish line. Without excellent aerodynamics the bikes cannot achieve their maximum performance.

The exhibit will showcase the fundamentals of aerodynamics which Ducati uses as a basis, the fundamentals from which they build their motorcycle body shapes. The display focuses on Ducati engineers’ developments in aerodymanics and their developments through the years, with pieces of motorcycles from the early teens through to 2019. There are pieces on display that look like wings, and without context could easily be mistaken for pieces of aircraft.

Ducati Museum's Aerodynamics Exhibit 2

The museum exhibition features photographs, videos, and a Desmosedici GP motorcycle for museumgoers to gawk and marvel at, and drool over.

The temporary exhibit opened yesterday May 30, and will run through the first week of October. You have plenty of time to make your travel plans to Italy this summer and while you’re there, riding a rental motorcycle through the Alps, to stop for half a day at the Ducati museum to check out this exhibit along with all of the spies from other motorcycle manufacturers trying to figure out how Ducati manages to make their bikes both very aerodynamic and beautiful.

Source: DucatiVisorDown, Motociclismo

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