Here’s a fun drag race video–two KTMs, one of which is an Adventure 1190R and one of which is an Adventure 1190 (non-R) variant, each in turn against a Victory and several Harley-Davidsons.

The 1190R is a v-twin enduro-style adventure bike with an extreme dirt bias. The 2014 1190R (that’s the white one, not the red one) in this drag race is, if one of the comments (the owner of the bike outs himself) is to be believed, the bike is sporting a TKC80 on the rear and a TKC70 on the front, though it is also outfitted with a Yoshimura pipe and a power commander. He claims to have ridden trails and offroad rallies on the bookending weekends to these drag races without any major changes to the bike. Those Continental TKC tires are chunky dual-sport tires and not at all the correct tire for drag racing.

The KTM puts out 148hp, and this one weighed around 500lbs at the track scale according to the rider, who estimates his own track weight around 240. He insists he does not harbor any ill will toward any other make of bike and this whole series of drag races were just for fun.

The angle of the video makes it difficult to see, but pay attention to the timing numbers: the KTM beats every motorcycle it comes up against, from the Victory in the first drag to every Harley in the rest of the video. You may notice that the KTM gets a bad start in every race, and that’s not the rider having a bad start, that’s by design.

These bikes are “bracket racing.” Each bike goes up against the winner of the previous drag race, and the slower bike gets a head-start handicap. So you’ll see that the Harleys are faster off the line, and that is because they are green-lighted first, not because the KTM rider is bad at drag race starts.

The video seems like a giant KTM advertisement, but really who rides their bike in a drag race with any regularity?

Source: YouTube

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