An auto-blip meshes everything better than you can.

Your software-enabled motorcycle will accept all kinds of upgrades and changes–and this one is could be the fast-shift solution you’re looking for.

The HM QuickShifter works with your throttle-by-wire motorcycle to enable you to shift smoother. This may seem like some kind of voodoo, but quite a lot of manufacturers are starting to install systems like this into their motorcycles from the factory. For one, they can make starts from a stop much smoother, giving the engine that “blip” to keep you from stalling, and each successive shift will be rev-matched even when you’re not feeling like the world’s best rider. On a downshift the device cuts power to your engine to match revs to the clutch, so no more turtle-kissing while carrying a passenger.

By the description you’d think a system like this would be invasive and make your bike act funny or perhaps difficult to control, but when these devices are well-designed and mesh with the systems of the motorcycle, a quick-shift will be seamless and make every ride you take a smoother more skillful affair; they disappear into the function of the motorcycle itself and it just makes you think you’re awesome.

This particular one comes in a “Pro” model that keeps your revs low until the engine has warmed to a good operating temperature; a soft rev-limiter if you will, keeping the “blips” less aggressive until it senses that the oil temperature has come up. That model also offers a pit-lane rev limiter to keep you from collecting too many points during your race.

The HM Quickshifter has a fail-safe, too, so that if it ever malfunctions it will disconnect itself and log the error in the process. You’ll have to turn it back on again on purpose, after you’ve figured out what the problem is.

These systems are best for racing but will improve a street rider’s shifting performance. The website lists compatible motorcycles, like the Yamaha MT10, R1 and R6; the Triumph 765, Kawasaki ZX10 and Honda CBR1000. It’s currently sold from the HM Quickshifter website and the price (£500 or £600 for the “Pro” version)is in Pounds Sterling, so around $640 to $770, ish.

Source: HM Quickshifter

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