Want to clear a crowd? Do a burnout. Want to destroy a back tire? Do a burnout. Want to risk crashing your bike and possibly taking yourself down along with a few random strangers? Attempt a burnout. Yet, this is the latest in World Record Attempts that will also raise money for several good causes: the World’s Largest All Female Burnout. 

On July 6 2019, women from anywhere and everywhere are invited to make motorcycle history by simultaneously spinning smoke out of their rear wheels in Smith Falls, Ontario in Canada.

From their Facebook event page: “Join Dollz by Dezign together with Pace Law Firm at next years RIDEAU RENDEZVOUS in Smiths Falls as we challenge the Guinness World Record of 300 men doing a simultaneous motorcycle burnout in 2015, by getting at least 400 FEMALES to beat it.” After encouraging readers to do their part even just be sharing the news, it goes on to say, “Not only will the participants be empowering other females by getting one more thing off their bucket list, but together we will be raising funds for our local women's shelter's!!!!”

Not sure who has a bucket list, but even my loose interpretation of a life-long "to-do" does not include a burnout. Not to say that I haven’t noticed the collective heart rate-raising effect of hearing even just one, but my stronger recollection is of the toxic fumes that have driven hoards up wind of the harrowing haze at surprising speeds. Difficult to image enjoying being trapped in the midst of a collective cloud of the noxious noise.

Am I being a drag? After all, it’s for a good cause. Guys do it all the time, so why not let the ladies do it too. So what if it costs a surprising amount of resources to validate a World Record attempt with Guinness and a lot of money to replace a tire. The $20 registration fee and the promise to raise funds for women in need is worth the effort, right?

If you want to join the party and do a good deed, you can sign up here

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