Yamaha Motorsports has launched, and is now expanding, its rental program. Locations nationwide offer Yamaha motorcycle (or ATV, side-by-side, or snowmobile) rentals for people looking for an adventure. Dubbed “Destination Yamaha” there are more than twenty partnered dealerships throughout the country renting Yamaha machines.

In its press release, Yamaha claims that this is “the most comprehensive and diverse line of adventure vehicles available to rent from a leading powersports manufacturer,” which I can’t really argue. If you try to come up with a single manufacturer that produces and rents vehicles across this span, you’ll probably be hard-pressed to come up with anything.

So far, there are only four locations with motorcycles to rent. One of them is a motorsports park in Okmulgee, Oklahoma. The other three are in North Carolina and Tennessee, respectively, and they rent street motorcycles (the FZ-09 is a popular rental).

Steve Nessl, the motorsports marketing manager for Yamaha, says “Now more than ever people are seeking out new and exciting experiences, and Yamaha is stepping up with added options and ready-built adventures to offer them. Getting outdoors–especially interacting with friends and family–is key to making lifelong memories, and that’s exactly what Destination Yamaha is designed to do.”

Unfortunately the "Destination Yamaha" website seems devoid of any "ready-built adventures" so far.

If you don't need a prepackaged adventure, and you’re a motorcyclist who has interest in ATVs or snowmobiles, this might be a great way to try the products out without having to commit to purchasing the machine. Also, renting a motorcycle is a good way to save time on your vacation. If you want to see the Smoky Mountains on your terms and you're willing to plan it yourself but don’t have time to ride there, there are Yamaha rental options (most have other brands to rent, too).

The Destination Yamaha website seems very much “under construction” at the moment. Nessl claims "ready-built adventures," and with their website Yamaha seems to be aiming to put together “destination experiences.” For folks who have never put together a riding vacation, they might be just the ticket. Hopefully, the website will get a bit more fleshed out and include a little more than just motorsports rental locations for their would-be adventurers.

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Yamaha Motor Corp., USA, is expanding its “Destination Yamaha” rental program with new locations across the country featuring the most comprehensive and diverse line of adventure vehicles available to rent from a leading powersports manufacturer. Destination Yamaha provides opportunities for families and individuals to experience new and exciting adventures they may have never imagined possible.

Details and rental locations are on a newly launched website at www.DestinationYamahaUSA.com.

“Now more than ever people are seeking out new and exciting experiences, and Yamaha is stepping up with added options and ready-built adventures to offer them,” said Steve Nessl, Yamaha’s motorsports marketing manager. “Getting outdoors – especially interacting with friends and family – is key to making lifelong memories, and that’s exactly what Destination Yamaha is designed to do.”

Through Destination Yamaha, people can choose from an ever-expanding list of exciting locations and authorized rental partners for a trip of a lifetime. With operations in captivating places like Moab in Utah, the Black Hills of South Dakota, Hatfield McCoy in West Virginia, the Appalachians of Tennessee, even Las Vegas, Alaska and many more, Destination Yamaha caters to a wide variety of adventures.

“Yamaha brings an increased level of confidence and superior reliability to motorsports rental operations, pairing the most dependable and proven machines with experienced and professional partners,” Nessl said. “Wherever you live, whether you’re a motorsports veteran or completely new to the sport, Destination Yamaha opens up a whole new world of opportunities and experiences.”

With the recent expansion efforts, Destination Yamaha is building on nearly 50-years of rental partnerships dating back to the 1970s with snowmobile operators in popular U.S. riding areas like Yellowstone and Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. With established operations and the best products in motorsports, Destination Yamaha is uniquely positioned to provide one of the most exciting adventure travel opportunities across the U.S.

Visit www.DestinationYamahaUSA.com to learn more.

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