How well do you ride your BMW GS in mud?

Friends, if you own and ride a BMW Adventure motorcycle, you might be interested in joining the crowd that will be at the RawHyde Adventure location near California City, California, May 31 through June 2 this year.

That weekend is the GS Trophy Qualifier, which is an off-road competition, an “Enduro Challenge,”  that occurs in even years; next month’s qualifier is for the GS Trophy happening in 2020. It is not a speed trial or a time trial, but a series of “rally-style contests” where participants will be judged on their off-road riding skills. If you’re a dedicated adventure and dirt rider, and your BMW motorcycle is registered in your name (that’s a requirement, too), you might want to look into this. The surfaces you’ll be riding on include dirt, gravel, mud, and other mixed surfaces.

You might automatically think that to participate you need a 1200 or 1250cc motorcycle, but the owner and rider of any of BMW’s GS line qualifies, even older ones. There are loads of models from the G 310 GS all the way up to the R 1250 GS ADV. If you have a single-cylinder G 650 GS that you can ride with skill, you’re qualified. You will need to fuel up your own motorcycle, and carry whatever you’ll need for challenging day rides, like a bottle of water and some snacks, and whatever tools you think you might need.

BMW GS Trophy Qualifier Rider

The biggest hitch there, is, that you must own and ride the motorcycle on which you compete, and the event is in California. Those of us who live on the east coast would have to have our bikes shipped out there, or we would have to fly out to California and buy a local one very quickly!

The Qualifier is just that–you compete in a series of events over the weekend and, if you score well, you can join the USA GS Trophy Team and travel to the International GS Trophy competition which is happening in New Zealand in 2020.

The entry fee for the Qualifier is $349 US, and that includes your event entry, meals for the weekend, a camp site, a t-shirt, and entertainment (above and beyond, it seems, riding your motorcycle on mud and gravel all day, which can be pretty entertaining).

Hit up the BMW Motorcycles website for more information here, and if you go, come tell us all about it!

Source: BMW Motorcycles,

Photo Credit: BMW GS Trophy International