It doesn't really tell us anything but it sure is pretty.

Ducati as a company was born outside Bologna, Italy just before the second World War. At the time, it manufactured radio equipment. Today they manufacture some of the most beautiful motorcycles in existence.

This short but inspirational and self-referential film lightly documents Ducati’s path from postwar engines in bicycles to today’s storied racing successes. The company is currently extremely successful, their available range of motorcycles covers a wide swath of applications and, to be fair, desires of the riding public. The current lineup is impressive, and those with an affinity for the Italian marque are surely able to find something that suits their riding style and pocketbook, as long as that pocketbook has at least $9,000 in it.

Perhaps then it isn’t surprising that Ducati took the time to produce, create, and release a thoroughly self-congratulatory video with very little actual information (and no news) but some pretty videography and lovely motorcycles.

It’s fine, we all do love pictures and videos of beautiful motorcycles and the pre-existing Ducatisti will love this film. It is uplifting, and ties Ducati’s racing history and current developments together with a common theme of “tireless innovation,” and “unconditional beauty” (for which I notice they use the lines of a Panigale and not, for example, the Diavel). “The desire to explore new worlds” is exemplified by shots of a group of Multistradas on dirt, a couple on a Scrambler, and several riders on Monsters, all hooning through twisty roads and beautiful old cities. And, of course, the “freedom” theme is tossed in there too, because what would a motorcycle commercial be without a shout-out to “freedom?”

And, of course, at its root, this slick vid is a Ducati commercial. A beautiful one, but a commercial nonetheless. “This is our story,” says the voice-over, “made of success, achievements, and the future.” Cute, guys. Now tell us about the new models coming out. How’s that electric bike coming along?

Source: YouTube

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