When anything related to the Isle of Man TT comes up, I watch it, I follow it, and I imagine getting back there some day.

We here in the States have a distinct travel disadvantage when it comes to attending the Isle of Man TT but that doesn’t mean we can’t watch it remotely. This fantastic video is a trailer, if you will; a preview of what’s to come in just over a month. You may think it’s just another race but it is so much more than that.

The Isle of Man TT isn’t held at a race track. The whole island: houses, shops, pubs, farms and all, is the race track. You’re never more immersed in motorcycle culture than you are when you are on that island for TT race week.

Absolutely everyone is there to enjoy the races. You’d think that the locals would be bothered by all of the tourists who come in to watch the races. I sure did. I live near enough to Laconia that I can hear all the locals complaining from here every year, and they are vociferous. On the Isle of Man it is quite surprisingly the opposite. I spent nine days on the island for race week and never met a single Manx resident who complained about the event. They were all as excited about the races as we were! Every campground, hotel, Bed and Breakfast and spare couch ends up stuffed full of people who have come in from out of town to spend all their time eating, breathing and living the motorcycle races for the week.

You can wander through the paddock, which is really just a small town made of pop-up tents. It's loaded with bikes, tools, parts, lifts, racers, mechanics, and the trucks they use to haul everything in and back out again. You can walk right up to your favorite racer, if they're there, and talk to him, and he’s happy to do so. It sounds like a magical place, right? It is!

So watch the video hyping the upcoming races, and subscribe to the newsletter to get all the news and information you can handle, and start planning your trip.

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