If you’ve always wanted to visit the Isle of Man but haven’t yet, this video will certainly fan the flames.

It’s possible, but not probable, dear reader, that you don’t know much about the TT races on the Isle of Man. Every June, motorcycle enthusiasts from all over the world find a way to go there to watch or participate in the races. It can be, as the video posits, a truly religious experience.

Set into the Irish Sea between England and Ireland, the Isle of Man demands dedication to visit. There is a very small airport on the island, but most tourists arrive by ferry. From the US, you’ll need to fly to London, or Dublin, or some other surrounding airport and find a way to a Steam Packet ferry terminal. The ferry deposits you unceremoniously into the town of Douglas, and from there you’ll need to find your way to your lodgings.

The TT itself is an entire week of races every other day: Saturday, Monday, Wednesday and Friday. On the non-race days, tourists take over the roads and you can run the circuit yourself, on your borrowed or rented motorcycle. You will get passed. Do not race the locals.

As the film states, an energy infuses the island that cannot be adequately described. You are there surrounded by “your people” likely in a way you have never, and will never again experience. Everyone on the island, especially during TT week, is a Motorcycle Person.

Dedicate some time to watching this film in its entirety, and when you are done, track down “Closer To the Edge” for Guy Martin’s perspective (and his outrageous accent), and then your flames of motorcycle lust will be well-fanned and you will need to make plans to attend. Do this, dear reader: go to the Isle of Man during TT week. Make it happen. It is expensive, yes, but it is absolutely worth it. It is our church, our Hajj, our Lumbini, our living Valhalla.

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