If your bike is breathing fire, it usually means the engine is too much or not enough air and is burping it all out. Or it could simply mean that your bike is actually on fire.

This little family (yes, they are three people on the bike) was casually riding on their motorcycle when a cop pulled up to them and started yelling at them, telling them to pull over and get off the bike. The situation in itself is kind of scary, especially when you don’t understand what you’ve done wrong (no, the issue wasn’t the third passenger on the bike). It turns out that the situation was a lot worse than someone simply being pulled over for breaking the law. Unbeknownst to the family, their motorcycle engine had caught fire.

The officer chased after them for three miles before they finally pulled over and got off the blazing bike. It’s hard to tell whether they were going fast enough not to feel the heat or if they were used to the motorcycle overheating, but it makes you wonder how they didn’t realize something was horribly wrong with the bike. In the video, you can see the flames coming out at the feet of the woman—who is also wearing a sari, which could have caught fire had this gone on for any longer.

Once everyone was off the bike and all the personal belongings were swiftly pushed away from the flames, the rider and the police officer who pulled them over were able to control the flames. It is even reported that there was very little damage from the fire (at least not according to their definition of “very little damage”). At least this is one rider who gets to boast about his motorcycle’s firepower!

Source: Fox News


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