Therapy by fire

The justice system can sometimes have a way of running us down. Aside from the physical and emotional exhaustion, it can feel like we should give up altogether. Then you have this man who literally set his dream bike on fire after prolonged and faulty accusations.

It took Anwar Raj Guru from Mumbai, India, seven years to be acquitted of charges of forgery after having been accused of having forged registration documents. The bike, a Royal Enfield Thunderbird that was impounded during the trial, was finally handed back to its owner on October 4.

Anwar then bought insurance, paid penalty fees and took the bike back to the courthouse, parking near the building. He then proceeded to spray gasoline on the ride, lit a matchstick and flick it in the gas puddle, setting the Thunderbird on fire. While we’re all gasping and pulling our hair out over what looks like a completely idiotic and pointless decision, for Anwar, it was cathartic.

Anwar had been accused of forging an ID card to get registration on the bike in 2009. The trial began in 2011 and was finally concluded in May 2018 when Anwar’s lawyers proved that the investigation was flawed.

His action to burn the Royal Enfield was mainly symbolic, putting an end to seven long years of legislative processes, witness interrogations, and financial ordeals. While he told Indian Express he had been diligent in attending his court hearings but that witnesses and accusers weren’t so much. This caused the case to drag on.

When he finally got the bike back, Anwar’s health had declined. Plus, the motorcycle that once was his dream ride, would now be a reminder of a frustrating and tiring process. Bottom line, he didn’t want it anymore and nobody else was going to get it.

Source: Financial Express

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