When instinct kicks in and adrenaline flows through our veins, we are ready to sprint into action whatever situation we are in. Witnessing your bike being stolen definitely has to be one of those times when we turn into superhumans. Who doesn’t want to kick these thieving mouthbreathers to the curb anyway? A dude from Basildon, England almost got his scooter stolen from under his nose. Thankfully, the mostly-naked crusader intervened just in time to chase the crooks away. The best part: it’s all on video.

On the images captured by a CCTV camera, the burglar can be seen sneaking his way into the house’s driveway where a scooter is parked under a tarp. While his accomplice patiently waits on the side of the house, the asshat proceeds to uncover a Piaggio MP3 with every intention to ride away on it.

Except the owner noticed the intruder. Armed with a metal pipe, he can be seen rushing outside and chase down the bandits in all his half-naked glory. It was enough to deter the thieves who ran away. Sadly, Captain Underpants didn’t manage to catch the bad guys.

“I quickly grab a piece of pipe that I use as a doorstop and chased them out in my underwear. Unfortunately, I did not manage to catch him,” the anonymous owner of the Piaggio scooter told the Daily Mail.

He also explained that robberies are frequent in this area and that a year prior to the incident, a burglar had tried to break into his house.

The police were called to the house following the event, however, haven’t located or even identified the culprits as both were wearing their helmets and the escape moped’s plate had been obscured.

Not all hero wear capes, but all should wear underwear. You can't be too prepared, right?

Source: Daily Mail

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