Lots of us love to watch freestyle motocross; it is amazing and thrilling. The talent of these riders is undeniable, and occasionally otherworldly. Generally the way to learn these freestyle jumps is to start small.

Unfortunately, sometimes even when you think you’ve got it down and you’re ready, things can go sideways. The wind shifts, you move just wrong, you were going just a bit too fast or maybe not quite fast enough…

This video was posted to Reddit in the last day, but from the video quality it’s looking like it’s been around the block. I’d never seen it before though, and figured it’d give lots of folks in the audience a thrill, or at the very least something to ponder. It is without question that this rider has some skills. He’s been doing this a long time and had the confidence to tackle this extreme ramp. Unfortunately, the bike literally got away from him in midair.

You can kind of feel all the air get sucked out of the sky the moment he scrambles for the  bike’s plastics, the seat and then… loses his grip and knows.

Have you ever had one of those moments? One of those “this is going to suck a whole lot in a few seconds and there’s absolutely nothing I can do about it” moments? This guy is way, way up there, and the video doesn’t give us a single clue about how this scenario played out. Hopefully he is not as high up in the sky as he looks, and his landing was not as terrible as we all fear.

Dear reader, have you done motocross jumps? What’s your take on this video? How many years of practice does it take to work up to a jump like this one? How did you get started? Do you know anything more about it than is shown in this terrifying 8-second clip? Do you know if the rider survived the landing (please tell me he did)? Leave your reactions and reassurances in the comments for us!

Source: Reddit

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