Rain, it's the curse we poor bikers must constantly suffer for our craft. Those of us that have the pleasure of riding in Europe, and especially in the UK, are very familiar with the variability of the weather during the riding season, and the suffering that winter rain can cause, especially when "waterproof riding gear" turns out to be anything but.

Some of us may avoid taking the bike out in foul weather altogether, but the rider in the video above is a little more daring. The crazy biker decided to take out a Honda CB650F (still not available in the US, unfortunately) for a cheeky session of Moto Gymkhana, where they demonstrate how to lean, brake, accelerate, corner, and do tight turns and U-turns in conditions that would make most of us leave the bike in the garage in the afternoon (Although the weather conditions do appear to clear up towards the end of the video.)

On a serious note, this video clearly shows how confident and smooth riding technique, a large bike and a good set of tires are capable of a lot more than we think. That said, it could have been the questionable soundtrack that inspired the rider to ride in such a fashion.

Aside from the discomfort of riding in the rain, it is important to note that taking the bike out in wet conditions requires a marked adaptation in riding style. We listed some of our top wet weather riding tips here, which includes wearing good gear, having good tires, and taking plenty of tea breaks. However, it is important to remember that, as visibility decreases and stopping distances double in the wet, we all have to ride in a much more cautious manner. 

Source: YouTube

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