Slowly but surely, the Katana is coming to America. Apparently on the slowest boat ever to sail the seven seas, Suzuki's new retro-cool naked bike is making its way across the world to your friendly neighborhood Suzuki dealer. The bike's progress can be tracked by press releases and launch announcements from various countries along its route, like this one from jolly old England. Suzuki announced UK pricing for the Katana this week, as well as a comprehensive accessory kit called the Samurai Pack.

According to our colleagues over at Bennetts, the all-new Katana will retail in the UK for £11,399 (roughly $15,150). That's a £1,300 ($1,700) premium over the naked GSX-1000 from which the bike is derived, and £1,100 ($1,500) more than the GSX-1000F. That seems like quite a lot for what is basically a GSX-1000 with old-school bodywork slapped on it, but Suzuki seems to be banking on the iconic name and styling along with any Katana-stans out there to drive sales. To be totally honest, I'd pay the premium and never look back because I'm that kind of idiot.

Gallery: Suzuki Katana Samurai Pack

Along with the Katana pricing, Suzuki also announced a cosmetic upgrade kit for the bike called the Samurai Pack (because of course it is). For an extra £999 ($1,326), you get a smoked fly screen, a new seat with red accents, carbon-look front fender and engine covers, a tank pad, red stripes on the wheels, and some sexy new red graphics on the fairing and seat unit. That £999 price is about $400 cheaper than you'd pay if you bought all those accessories separately, so it's a pretty decent bargain.

As of today, March 14, 2019, Suzuki doesn't even have the Katana listed on its U.S. website, let alone have any pricing for it. Come on Suzuki! Get with the program. Throw some pictures up there, plaster "coming soon" all over them, and gin up some hype! I want a Katana, Kate wants a Katana, there are a lot of people around here who want a Katana. Just give us the details already! Better yet, give us the bike!

Source: Bennetts, Autoevolution

Photos: Suzuki

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