At RideApart, we have a bit of a reputation when it comes to three-wheel vehicles. Most of the time, it involves pointing and laughing (I say “most” because some of our writers have different allegiances. Looking at you, Justin). There’s nothing inherently wrong with the concept of the Spyder, except for the generally-accepted fact that it isn’t that great a ride for a lot of money. After close to a decade on the straddle vehicle market, Can-Am launched a follow up to the Spyder: the Ryker, sort of a first officer if you will. See what I did there? While we have our thoughts on the three-wheelers, however, here’s your chance to make up your own mind—the Ryker is hitting the road.

We have opinions we share whether you asked for it or not, but when it comes to a bike, nothing quite compares to forging your own opinion, right? Whether you’ve agreed with us about the Can-Ams or despise us four our opinion of them, you can finally get to see what all the noise is about. Can-Am is sending the Ryker on a multi-city tour across the US to introduce its latest model to potential buyers.

The company is making an event out of it with music and food trucks—the main star of the show however will be the Ryker demo ride. Between this week and June, there are 13 stops at the agenda:

Miami: March 14 to 16

Orlando: March 28 to 30

Atlanta: April 4 to 6

Charlotte: April 10 to 12

Dallas: April 18 to 20

Austin: May 2 to 4

Phoenix: May 9 to 11

Los Angeles: May 16 to 18

San Jose: May 30 to June 1

Salt Lake City: June 6 to 8

Denver: June 14 and 15

Toronto: June 20 to 22

Washington, DC: June 28 to 30

Riders must be aged 21 and over and have a valid driver’s license. Those interested in registering for a spot in the saddle of a Ryker can register here. Oh! And don’t forget to share your thoughts with us once you’ve had a chance to take the Ryker out for a spin.

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