Well Valentine’s Day 2019 has come and gone, and perhaps you and your motorcycle are tucked away in the garage because you live, like me, in a place where February means winter has its claws deep into the landscape and everything is frozen. In these parts, February is a sketchy month at best to be contemplating any motorcycle road riding (ice riding, though? We’re all in).

We all sometimes need some heart warming. Some good news or a cute video can perk up anybody’s day. This one’s a two-fer. Note that the vlogger is in New Zealand where right-hand-drive is the rule so he’s keeping left. The convenient part about that it’s his clutch hand free when he pulls over.

Why is that important? Well, this video was shot on Valentine’s Day, and the rider is just out and about to spread random cheer in the form of Italian chocolates. He says today is “about sharing the love!” Before you think he’s smarming at local women, you’ll see in the video that he's a friendly biker who gives chocolates to everybody: random people standing on the street, people walking, men, women, folks in cars, even a police officer. No one is denied the cheer and love of a chocolate on Valentine’s day, except the apparently two people who didn’t notice his offer.

The ride isn’t just a series of sweet gestures, though; it’s a lovely (albeit possibly unintentional) random tour of Wellington, the capital of New Zealand, and it’s a chance to live vicariously in a bit of city riding when lots of us are looking out our windows at snow and ice outside. New Zealand’s weather is opposite the Northern Hemisphere’s, so in February they’re enjoying some really lovely late summer warm weather. Note, the (a) legal and expected lane splitting, the (2) warm beautiful weather and (3) beautiful city he’s riding through. All of these make me want to visit New Zealand.

Source: YouTube

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