Throttle to the metal on ice.

You’d think that racing at the top of the food chain in MotoGP would be enough to soothe one’s thirst for the extreme, but of course, you’d be wrong. For these guys, there’s no such thing as too extreme and with a company like RedBull around to help push the limits we get to witness some truly unique feats. One of the most impressive ones to date is, in my opinion, Marc Marquez trip down the slopes. On his MotoGP Repsol Honda RC213V.

Have you ever watched ice racing before? The motorcycles hitting the ice track are fitted with some gnarly-looking spiked tires. Now pictures these same mean rubbers on a MotoGP instead: all the power, all the grip, and all the madness. Why would a MotoGP bike need spiked tires you may wonder? Because sometimes, just sometimes, someone gets a really cool stunt idea and that idea is to send MotoGP racer Marc Marquez play in the snow on the ski slopes on his superbike.

Armed with his trusty Honda #93, Marquez went where no man had gone before with a racing bike: on Austria’s Hahnenkamm ski course. The result is a high pace, high adrenaline clip that takes us downhill with Marquez. We witness the racer’s preparation and how the tires are fitted with their massive ice spikes by none other than Austrian ice racer Franky Zorn—the kind of spikes you wouldn’t want to meet face to face at high speed. Then, #93 makes his way down the snowy hill, one of the most challenging ski track in the skiing World Cup.

Of course, the hero on his shiny orange steed prevails in his fight against his snowy opponent in an epic conclusion to the breathtaking stunt. While the run is ballsy, I can’t help but wonder if the racer used to the heat of the racetrack is freezing his butt off going full speeding in the snow.

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