Most motorcycle enthusiasts have seen or at least heard of what is considered to be one of the best motorcycle documentaries ever filmed, On Any Sunday. Produced in 1971 by Bruce Brown and featured rider and Hollywood legend Steve McQueen, the movie takes us behind the scenes of some of the best (and less) known motorcycle competitions whether it’s motocross, flat track racing, or hill climbing. Despite being close to 50 years old, the movie remains a milestone in the genre and a must-watch for any ride out there. Did you know that the movie has a sequel and that it’s now available to watch in full on the RedBull Website?

On Any Sunday: The Next Chapter was released in 2014. Unlike 1981’s mediocre attempt at surfing the wave of success set in motion by the original movie, this new chapter has been produced by yet another Brown—this time, Bruce’s son Dana called the shots. The documentary has been produced in collaboration with Red Bull. Just like the original movie did, the second chapter takes a look at modern-day motorcycle competitions and subcultures, revisiting some of the same disciplines. It almost feels like an update to the 1971 film: the new chapter looks at how some of these competitions have evolved over the course of the past four decades, shedding a modern light on the new generation of riders.

The same way On Any Sunday looked at the beauty, but also the harsh reality of racing, showing the wins and the falls, the next chapter adopts a similar two-fold approach. Interviews with young, current racers such as Marc Marquez, Dani Pedrosa or Briar Bauman, but also former, legendary racers allows the documentary

Thankfully, unlike a lot of Red Bull’s videos nowadays (or before it became their signature style), the pace of the images is dynamic, yet composed enough to let us enjoy each shot, instead of rushing through all the footage. Combining first-person footage and drone shots—technology Brown and McQueen didn’t have access to in the 70s, that give the documentary a reason to exist, bringing something new to the table in my opinion. It’s not as legendary as the original, granted, but there’s a good link between past and current that makes this a much more respectable sequel than On Any Sunday II.

If you were looking for something to watch over the weekend, you now get to enjoy the full documentary online. Why not lineup both the first and second one for a nice night in, away from the cold?

And why Sunday? Because that’s the day the races take place and competitors get a chance to make their way up the rankings. That’s how things unfold, on any Sunday...

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