Tell him he can hurry, tell him he can take the Ninja down...

We've all seen cars done up with a red nose on the grille and plush antlers clipped onto the side windows, but it makes even more sense when applied to your motorcycle; if you are brave enough to ride in the winter. This article started when we noticed a post on Reddit where someone had decked out their Ninja, and we figured what better than to find a few more examples of Rudolph bikes that can really run.

The bike that started it all was posted on Reddit by user UnknownZX10Rider here, and it started a thread. From there we were able to track down at least 3 other bikes that had been given the RR treatment (Rudolph Reindeer). This is the ZX-10, and yes, that is a nitrous bottle under the seat.

Ninja ZX-10Rudolph

Not as fast, but still with the heart of a Ninja was this Kawasaki Vulcan S posted by TealBlueLava. This may be the closest looking to an actual deer that we found, thanks to the added antler action from the mirrors and the handlebar. The white tank and side covers just show that this deer is wearing its winter coat.

Vulcan 650 Rudolph

And next we discovered an all black Yamaha FZ-1 reindeer posted to Instagram by user TeamTesco. He one-upped everyone really, by going full Santa suit, which gives a new meaning to ATGATT. The only thing missing is the sack full or presents, but maybe he is on his return trip after dropping them all off?

Yamaha FZ1 Rudolph

This is one motorcycle modification (dare I say, improvement?) that you really don't need a how to explanation. And yet, here is one from 2013 that we found on a site called "Riding Bible" and we link to here mostly because we'd feel bad about using this picture of the Yamaha R6 without doing it. Spoiler alert: The secret is zip ties!

Yamaha Rudolph6

If you actually live somewhere with snow, this Ducati Hypermotard Rudolph edition is probably much better suited than a pure sport bike. We found it on Imgur, and have no idea who owns it or who posted it. It is doubly fitting since Rudolph is a fairly common name in Italy.

Ducati Hypermotard Rudolph

And, as if the earlier how to wasn't enough, or if you prefer a video guide, we found this one about how to cheer up your "murdered out" Suzuki GSX-R1000. Enjoy "How to make Christmas motorcycle GSXR(turn on captions)" from YouTuber AlexGSXR.


If you've got a bike that is fit to lead Santa's sleigh, post it below in the comments.

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