Those of us who live without garages struggle to keep our bikes protected, particularly during winter. In the past, I've bummed carport or garage space off a friend, or resorted to wrapping my ride in a tarp outside. Portable garages don't always hold up to the elements as well as they should, putting your ride in danger. Perhaps the Gazebox is the solution.

The Gazebox is essentially a weatherproof greenhouse that covers up your ride. Different sizes are available, anywhere from a small one for your bike to units large enough to cover a camper or swimming pool. There are even Gazeboxes that attach to your house and let you open and shut your balcony or porch. One end or both ends open and close with an automatic opener. Having two doors isn't a big deal for a bike, but it's certainly convenient for larger vehicles like campers that aren't easy to back up.

The smallest Gazebox is big enough to park two motorcycles side-by-side. This also gives you enough room to work on your bike inside. Despite resembling a greenhouse in design, it doesn't store heat like one, having fans to circulate air to keep it from getting too hot. Of course, I could see myself shutting off these fans during winter specifically to turn it into a greenhouse and make it warm inside. If you don't want the whole world to see what you keep inside your toybox you can vinyl wrap it for privacy.

One of the biggest advantages of the Gazebox is that while it works like a detached garage, it is still fully removable, avoiding the need for pesky building permits and the like.  Unfortunately, being made in Italy, the Gazebox is not available in the U.S. It's still a neat idea, though.

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