Every Friday, we introduce you to awesome riders we found on YouTube who share with us their unique outlook on the world of two wheels and, lucky for us, make videos out of it.

This week, one of our RideApart readers came forward and suggested I check out his channel. This is what I like about the Rocking Riders series—there are as many different takes on the motorcycle world as there are vloggers. So Seattle-based reader and bikes enthusiast Rodney Sherwood directed me to My Life Is A Highway Youtube channel where he started posting videos roughly a year ago.

He has so far posted one to two episodes per month, treating different topics that all revolve around bikes (of course), traveling, and track days. The look of his videos is polished and well edited and frankly, I have to admit that I enjoy the sometimes slightly corny humor he throws into his intros in which you can see him go full-on Tarantino, or even escape a cop car. He seems to have fun doing what he does and he doesn’t take himself too seriously doing it.

In one of his videos, he meets up with his mechanic and fellow track-aficionado for a rundown on how to prep you ride for the track for those who like to hit the tarmac over the weekend. In July, he shared a video of a road trip to beautiful British Columbia on his BMW K1600GT.

The editing style is dynamic and keeps things interesting, whether he’s addressing the viewer or hitting the track at Laguna Seca to the sound of his motorcycle engine, tackling the world-famous Corkscrew. His videos average between five to ten minutes which makes them super easy to watch and enjoy.

You should check him out and give a fellow reader and rider a big like!


Source: My Life is a Highway

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