Having your bike stolen is a very real concern in the U.K. Fortunately, companies like BikeTrac are helping. BikeTrac has helped recover more than 1,000 stolen motorcycles with its sophisticated motorcycle tracking and theft recovery system.

Brake disc and throttle locks can't help you once your bike has been pinched, which can be as easy as lifting it into a truck or van. It's easy enough to circumvent these devices once your precious ride is back at the thieves' shop, or can be ignored completely if they strip it for parts. It's much more difficult to circumvent an anti-theft system that will cry for help and transmit its location.

BikeTrac isn't the only such system. but has established a track record of being particularly effective at recovering stolen bikes. Last year, alone, BikeTrac recovered 259 motorcycles, which is a 90 percent recovery rate among stolen motorcycles equipped with BikeTrac. This past August alone BikeTrac helped recover 29 bikes, almost one per day.

The BikeTrac transmitter hides in an undisclosed location on your motorcycle. It uses several different data systems: GPS to determine your location, GPRS (General Packet Radio Service) and GSM (Global System for Mobile communications) for data transmission, and good old-fashioned RF, a simple radio transmission direct from the source to aid in local tracking. When a bike gets stolen, it can find and transmit its location through existing data networks. Then, even if thieves stash the bike inside a metal warehouse that blocks such signals, the RF transmitter still beacons its location, enabling authorities to home in on the radio signal once they're in the area. That data can be enough to get a search warrant for the location and bust the operation wide open.

BikeTrac also includes other cool features, like recording your journeys, remote battery level monitoring (BikeTrac has its own power but also connects to the bike battery), and sending an automatic alert if it detects that you've had a crash. You can't argue against the effectiveness of its theft recovery features, though. Many of us ride to get away from it all, but technology can be extremely useful when real life tries to take our rides away.

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