The video is as impressive as the build itself.

Build videos are cool. Cafe racers are also cool. This video of an old moped transforming itself into a restomod cafe racer is the coolest build video I've seen in a long time.

Mathis Ox started with an old Kynast moped sitting in the shed. (You can see more of his old bikes on his Instagram, as well as a sweet VW van build.) He proceeded to tear down and rebuild it while documenting the entire build with at least 5,000 photos. In the end, he assembled all of these photos into this stop-motion video where the bike appears to rebuild itself. It's amusing to watch the engine remove itself from the bike, walk down the stairs into the shop and take itself apart. It gets a full rebuild without any crazy modifications. It's only a moped, after all.

The real fun, however, starts with the rest of the bike. After a few chops to the frame of the mopeb, the scene switches to an old skateboard being dismantled. It doesn't make sense at first, but it eventually transforms into a swanky new leather seat, complete with a fully integrated tail light and turn signals. This keeps the lines on the rear of the bike clean and smooth.

Meanwhile, up front, the frame gains a top tube that it didn't have before, where the repainted gas tank now sits. The ugly rectangular headlight goes away, replaced by a tinted round headlight with a mesh "rock guard" cut out of an old fan. In the end, only the new gold pedals and the emptiness in the middle of the frame betray this bike's roots.

Let's be honest. This cafe racer isn't about to win any races, but that isn't the point. Not only is this one of the more creative builds I've seen, it's also one of the most entertaining build videos out there.

Source: YouTube/mathisox