The extent YouTubers will go to in order create original video content is sometimes outrageous, but at least the result is pretty awesome. Other times, however, we get to watch them screw up monumentally. Remember that time two guys dumped a Triumph in the ocean? No? Now you do. The more sensitive among us should refrain from watching. Good news: the bike lived.

The guys at EverythingEmpire have a knack for creating spectacular motorcycle videos. In one of their latest videos, two of the guys jump on the saddle of a pair of Triumph Street Scramblers and get to whip them around, through city, forest and on the beach. The view is pretty spectacular until we get look behind the scenes. It immediately gets less glamorous.

Trashing a bike on the beach looks like mad fun. Until somebody gets too cocky and runs the bike right into the ocean. Result: he ends up drowning one of the Scramblers. It ain’t pretty.

The team manages to pull the bike out of the water, but obviously, the engine is drowned and the bike is caked in sand. Of course, because things are going so well, just as they manage to bring the drowned Scrambler to life, the other one leaning on its stand in the sand obviously tips and falls.

They open up the engine, trying to fire the bike back to life as a spray of sea water gets blown out of the block. They also empty the oil which at this point, looks like the quicksands kids show warned us about—the entire system is filled with sand, not exactly super lubricating. Six oil changes were required to clear all the crap out of the Scrambler’s system. The good news, however, is that the bike lived to see more whipping.

Thankfully for us, the EverythingEmpire team doesn’t take itself too seriously and gladly shared the behind-the-scenes video. This, ladies and gents, is how YouTube videos are made.

Here's the end result. 



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