Audience reacts badly when popular motovlogger Pedro Mota talks money woes

Pedro Mota likes to share photos and videos of the gorgeous places where he rides, along with plenty of motorcycle travel advice. At last count, his two-wheel travelogues have over 11,000 subscribers. After all, not everyone is willing to pull up stakes and wander the globe, living hand-to-mouth, to experience and share the world we live in. Pedro Mota has been doing it for years, even when the going gets broke.

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Apparently, the glamorous world of video vagabonding isn’t all stunning scenery and enviable encounters.

Travel isn’t all fun?

A gorgeous video with breath-arresting drone footage of the Paso Libertadores in Chile which featured Mota among a group of delighted young adventure riders evolves into a frank one-to-one chat between Pedro and the audience which references another video called “Why I Can’t Continue Riding”. Before even completing the first I switched over to this more downbeat episode, which meandered through an emotional parting-of-ways before finally, at the 4:31 mark, answering the title question with, “I’ve got no money.” What ensued was a detailed explanation of how he was left holding a much smaller travel kitty from his Aussie construction revenue than anticipated.

Problem is, as “refreshing” as it might be to hear some reality, audiences don’t respond as well to the less glamorous aspects of the moto-vlogging lifestyle. They just want to get lost in the tremendous beauty and spontaneity of it all.

The Golden Goose

That you can make a living travelling the world and talking about it into cyberspace is a gift, but not one that falls easily into anyone’s lap. It takes hours of footage, a thick skin and likely a solid hustle to get yourself noticed and more importantly, funded.

Mota’s videos are well edited. They project youthful energy and passion and are assembled with some skill and innovation, all of which takes time and money all of which are assumed into the final, polished products. So yah, when his computer doesn’t work, money and time are re-routed and the content can’t be created. The question is, do you make a video about that part? Not according to the comments section. Although some offer to help, many prefer to judge. Social media is a fickle friend.

There are many moto-vloggers out there vying for your eyes and ears. As Pedro Mota teeters on the edge of tolerance is it time to step up and help, or let Darwin decide?

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