It is teaser video central around RideApart HQ today. First, Suzuki unveiled the new Katana, which looks totally awesome and I can't wait to get my hands on it. Then the boys from Iwata dropped a new Ténéré 700 World Raid teaser/unboxing video which I also liked. Now Indian is getting in on the action with a short, sharp look at the long-awaited FTR 1200 and I don't know if I can take anymore.


There's not much to it—it's just shy of 20 seconds long—but there's a whole lot of information packed into this video. We see the top of the tank, which looks very sharp in gloss black with those chrome highlights. We hear the engine which sounds fantastic. We see that it can do a sweet burnout, which is totally awesome. Then, perhaps most interestingly, we see a glimpse of the bike's instrument panel.

I can hear you all now, "You mean gauges, right?" No, my friends, I mean instrument panel. Looks like the FTR 1200 is getting one of Indian's sweet, high-tech TFT touchscreens in lieu of a pair of clocks and some idiot lights. It's just the merest glimpse right at the beginning, the rider was clearly told to keep the camera facing down, but we see it sitting between the handlebars.

One neat thing I noticed was an ABS warning light. Interesting, veeeeeeeeeery interesting. Now, it could just be that the screen we see on this FTR prototype is something out of the parts bin and that the light doesn't mean anything, BUT it might mean that the FTR 1200 is getting ABS. That'd be pretty sweet, yeah? Unfortunately, since it's only about a one-second glance and the screen's so bright it blew out the camera on the rider's helmet we don't see much else. What we saw is plenty, though.

So, now we know that the FTR 1200 has a touchscreen interface and can do sweet burnouts. We'll have to wait until October 1 for more details.

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