This is the completed MotoCzysz E1pc, the motorcycle Michael Czysz is calling the "D1g1tal Superbike." The lame name for an unoriginal concept aside -- a digital superbike is one that uses upgradable powertrain components, Zero pioneered this -- this is a damn impressive motorcycle. Using 10 battery packs and 3 motors, it can accelerate to 120mph in just seven or eight seconds, on par with current literbikes.
The E1pc uses chassis technology and know-how from the stillborn MotoCzysz C1 MotoGP racer. Note the oval-section 6X forks designed to flex as the bike nears maximum lean.

It also looks like the E1pc could be destined for production. Czysz has talked about hot-swap battery packs, meaning owners will be able to switch out discharged batteries for full ones instead of sitting around waiting for them to recharge.

"In less than five months we took a suggestion and turned it into a motorcycle. A motorcycle that is unlike anything I have ever ridden. No gas, no oil, no clutch, no need to even warm up the engine- no engine. Gone is the age old ritual of rhythmical throttle blips that can audible seduce a motorcyclist into a pre ride trance- now your bike waits for you. Enter what may be the next big thing in motorcycles; invisible, nearly silent and magically linear power," says Czysz, going on to explain why the TTXGP is so exciting.

"June 12, 2009, on the Isle of Man, will be the worlds first zero emissions (electric) Grand Prix, the TTXGP. With teams from around the world ascending on the Isle, this is a true international competition and even though the machines are futuristic the race is not and the premise even less so- this is an old fashion 'run what you brung' race. Never would my Grand Father or even my Father imagined such a motorcycle would ever exist, even I would have doubted this event possible in 2009 only a few years ago.

"MotoCzysz will be on the Island Friday, tech the E1pc 'D1g1tal Superbike' on Saturday, practice Monday, Wednesday and Friday- Mark Miller will ride a race my father and I (and I hope my sons too) will never forget- a race that will forever be MotoCzysz's first and a race that may be the worlds first view of 'next generation' motorcycles."


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