The latest installment of real riders is back with Bill Connor and his Triumph Tiger Explorer 1200.

Our latest Real Rider is Bill Connor. A man with more passion about riding and keeping the troops safe when they come home to enjoy their favorite roads. We decided to do a little Q&A with Bill and see why enjoys life on two-wheels.

1: How did you get into riding?

I started when I was about seven years old riding a small blue mini bike. I don’t remember the brand and I am not really sure it had one. It had a lawnmower engine mounted sideways in a tube chassis with some small square profile tires. Had a little thumb throttle with a go-kart centrifugal belt drive. I rode that until I accidentally ran over my sister one afternoon, and then had to take a brief hiatus from riding. Let's just say dodging a mini bike is not the same as playing dodge ball. Never got it running again after it sat for that long.

Real Riders: Bill Connor

2: What do you ride today?

Today I ride a Triumph Tiger Explorer 1200. Wonderful bike with lot's of power, comfort, and great handling. Clearly my little mini bike sticks with me though, the Triumph is blue like the original go anywhere bike I had. One of the other features I like about the Explorer is passenger comfort. I do about 70% of my riding with a pillion, so this is a huge factor for me. Happy wife, happy ride.

Real Riders: Bill Connor

3: Where is your favorite road to escape on during the weekend?

I actually have several loops that I ride here in Maryland. They are always changing just a little as I add or subtract roads. Some I get tired of, some the traffic changes depending on day and time of year. My favorite road is Route 30 through the bottom of Pennsylvania. It has everything, small towns, twisty mountain roads, and scenic areas to just enjoy the day. The rest of the time my favorite road is the one I am on at that moment.

4: What is your dream trip on a bike?

My dream trip is a tough question to answer. My current small dream trip is to spend a lot more time camping. I recently rebuilt my camping setup and have been chomping at the bit to find the time to try it out. Looking forward to a weekend getaway in West Virginia soon.

5: Why do you like riding?

Why is breathing necessary? I ride because without it I am unhappy, moody, and less personable.

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