It's been almost 50 years since the Ariel Motor Company name disappeared. Once known for building amazing British motorcycles, sadly, when the industry took a major hit the company went bankrupt. They returned to motoring headlines after building the car-motorcycle hybrid, the Aerial Atom. Perhaps one of the most desired cars on the road, with it's exoskeleton, open-wheel light-weight platform. The Atom has no windshield or doors and many states and countries consider it a motorcycle from a legal standpoint (which is why you need a helmet to operate one). So Ariel figured, why not ditch a few wheels and get back to two-wheeled performance?

This past weekend at the 2014 Goodwood Festival of Speed, Ariel returned to the motorcycle market with the Ariel Ace. Built using a billet-aluminum frame, that resembles the exoskeleton chassis of the Atom, it uses a Honda 1237cc V4. Original Ariel bikes featured advanced four-cylinder engines for their time, so for the 2015 bike, the Honda V4 was an easy choice. Pushing out 173hp and 95 ft. lbs of torque, the bike will hopefully perform as awesome as the Atom.



Ariel makes a big deal about the customizable options offered for the Ace. They plan on making small production runs that range from 100 to 150 orders each year, starting with the 2015 production year. They say each bike will be custom ordered with options that vary from front suspension type to metal finishes. Adjustable foot rests and seats along with different handle bars, tank, exhaust and body work will be available, making it a motorcycle to fit many riders.


First Look: Ariel Ace Motorcycle

Ariel claims you can vary from, "low riding cruiser, through street and naked machines, to super sport bikes the Ace will be built to owners' specific requirements and desires," but so far it looks like it's a naked bike with adjustabliliy for different size riders. If they're going to build a cruiser, than they'll need to change more than the tank and handlebars. The factory will still offer a ton of modifications and upgrades, even after an Ace is purchased. We're anxious to see all of the available options.

The top photo features two different front-end options, Ariel's custom front suspension on the left and the inverted-fork design on the right.

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First Look: Ariel Ace Motorcycle

Ariel ACE Specs:


76 degree 1237cc Unicam Honda V4

Bore 81mm x 60mm

Throttle by wire


173 BHP @ 10,000 rpm Torque 131Nm @ 8750 rpm


A 6 speed manual sequential

B DCT switchable auto with sport and manual push button control

Switchable traction control


A 14.1 litres

B 18.6 litres

C 21.3 litres


Stainless steel exhaust, option of silencers


Anodised machined and welded aluminium frame

Adjustable rake angle 21.8 degrees – 28.4 degrees


A Front Ariel Girder with TTX damper

Adjustable compression, rebound and spring preload

B Front Telescopic forks

Adjustable compression, rebound and spring preload

Rear Pro link single sided swing arm

Adjustable compression rebound and spring preload


Front: Twin 320mm floating discs with 6 piston radial calipers

Rear: Single 276mm floating disc with 2 piston sliding caliper

Electronic ABS front and rear


Front: 17x3.5

Rear: 17x6


Front: 120/70ZR17

Rear 190/55ZR17


Digital LCD display with data logging capability and gear indicator


LED headlamp, LED brake/stop lamp, LED indicators


Composite and carbon fibre

Seat Height

A 745mm

B 784mm

C 825mm


A 1541mm

B 1552mm

C 1563mm


0 -60 mph 3.4 seconds (0-100kph)

Top speed 165mph (265kph)


Starting at £20,000 including VAT @ 20%

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