Have you ever seen a more futuristic-looking helmet? The AGV AX-8 Dual brings AGV GP-Tech specs and quality to the adventure touring world. Probably the neatest thing about the AX-8 Dual is that you can wear the exceptionally light helmet without the visor and with goggles for real off roading, with the peak and visor for riding your GS to the cafe or even with the visor and without the peak for high speed, buffet-free road riding.

The AX-8 Dual uses the same shell material as the GP-Techs that we wear: a fiberglass/carbon/kevlar weave that contributes to a weight of just 1,400g for a size medium; about 200g lighter than the similar Arai XD3. Like other AGVs, the AX-8 is certified to the light and safe ECE-22.05 standard, which helps explain that weight difference.

Also similar to the GP-Tech are the vents, which here are larger, albeit of a similar shape. The five front openings, two lateral intakes and two rear extractors should ventilate extremely well. The rings in the double-D chin strap are titanium.

Our only criticisms of the GP-Tech are that the visor aperture sits slightly too low on the helmet and the visor mechanism frequently requires removal and adjustement while replacing visors. It looks like neither should be a problem with the AX-8; look how big that visor is! It also uses what appears to be a different, more rugged visor mechanism.

As you’d expect on a high-end helmet like this, the moisture-wicking, anti-bacterial lining is removable and washable and you can vary the fit with different sized cheek and forehead pads. Like real dirt helmets, the filter in the chin vent is removable and washable.

We like what we see here so much that we’re hoping to get our hands on a couple and ship them off the Death Spray for some custom paint. We’ve already done Dazzle, any ideas on what design we should try next?

The AX-8 Dual isn't available yet, nor listed on AGV's website, but MotoStrano says prices should start at $399.

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