The flying Dutchmen from have managed to infiltrate the EICMA show in Milan a day before it opens, scooping these photos of the 2011 Honda CBR600F. Only making 100bhp and 47lb/ft, this Honda won’t be giving an R6 any trouble around the track. But that’s not the point because this CBR will be comfortable.

Beyond looking at these shots and these images, we don’t have any further info on the F other than what can be logically inferred.

The arrival of the CBR600RR in Honda’s range in 2003 represented a new high watermark for the class, for the first time making a 600 as desirable as a liter bike. It did that by sacrificing any pretense of practicality in the pursuit of all-out performance.

To compliment it, American Honda kept the CBR600F4i in the range until 2006 as sort of a practical, more affordable alternative for people that occasionally wanted to strap luggage onto their supersport and do a little more than trackdays.

The 2007 CBR600RR redressed some of that balance, re-introducing comfort, if not much more in the way of practicality. This CBR600F should again give us a Honda 600 that’s a little more affordable, a little more comfortable and a little more practical for things like commuting and touring.

This is exactly the kind of high-value, clever, but still high-performance bike we want more manufacturers to offer. First the CBR250R and now the CBR600F, could this be a return to form for Big Red?

via Oliepeil

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