Dig the comfortable ergos and rugged styling of ADV bikes, but do most of your riding in town where comfort, affordability and fuel economy count the most? The Honda NC700X shares its powertrain and frame with the Integra maxi-scoot and Honda NC700S naked, but looks like it could ride around the world.

Now put down those torches, adventure touring fanatics, this isn’t supposed to be next bike that Ewan and Charlie ride around the world on, lighting farts in far away lands. It’s supposed to be a practical, accessible, do-it-all bike, just one that benefits from the comfort and style of adventure.

Sharing its underpinnings with a scooter isn’t all-bad either. Name another ADV or ADV-style bike that can fit a full-face helmet under its seat. You can’t.

The 670cc parallel-twin shared with that scoot and the new NC700S naked bike develops and identical 51bhp, 46lb/ft of torque and returns 65mpg. It doesn’t sound like a terribly exciting engine, but it should be a useful one. In Europe, where these bikes will be big sellers, it’ll help with insurance prices too.

Honda NC700X: the CR-V of motorcycles

The ADV version of this platform makes DCT optional. Check that box and you’ll be able to ride in full auto or full manual modes while two clutches operating alternate gears make shifts incredibly quick and smooth.

Befitting its practical commuter status, the NC700X comes with 17-inch wheels and standard combined-ABS. Honda's not quoting a weight, but the mechanically identical Integra weighs 525lbs (wet).

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