Those of us who regularly ride them know full well that naked bikes—or standards, if you prefer—are anything but boring. Sometimes they get that rep from riders of other types of bikes, though. I mean, of course, we all have our favorites, but sometimes it’s crucial to step outside your comfort zone and maybe learn something cool that you didn’t expect. 

Personally, I’m always looking to try new things and will hop on any bike that I can safely handle. It’s a fun experience, and you should definitely try it. Nakeds are super close to my heart, though, as I live with and ride one regularly. It’s a Honda Hawk GT 650, and to me, it is perfect. It’s nimble, responsive, and very importantly, is fun at all speeds—not just high speeds. I frequently find myself smiling inside my helmet as I ride it, and that alone makes it a worthwhile experience.

Enough about my bike, though—let me sing you the praises of nakeds and convince you to try one if you haven’t already. 

Photo: Joe Lucente

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