Speaking earlier today, Honda CEO Takanobu Ito made some interesting remarks about both the upcoming CBR500 that we spied last week, but also an unexpected new superbike that'll carry forward the heritage of bikes like the RC30 while drawing technology from the firm's MotoGP bikes. In short: yes!

On the CBR500: "In the area of large-sized motorcycles, following the New Mid Series, Honda will introduce a series of large-sized models with a new concept, which enable customers to more easily enjoy daily commuting and weekend touring. This stylish new series will be equipped with a “torqueful” engine, low seat height which increases the ease of handling, and a comfortable ride with high stability in maneuvering. The production of the first model in this new series will begin in February 2013 at Kumamoto Factory, Honda’s global motorcycle production operation, and sales will begin from North America."

Remember, Honda is a global company, producing 19 million motorcycles a year for enormous markets like Southeast Asia. Away from the concept of American Exceptionalism, a 500cc is a "large-sized model."

Honda CEO talks CBR500, MotoGP-replica
Snapped last week, this CBR500 promises to bring the broad appeal and useability of the CBR250 to a larger capacity.

On the new superbike: ""Since its market introduction in 1987, the RC30(VFR750R) super sports bike has been loved by a large number of fans. With a goal to create a new history, passionate Honda engineers have gotten together and have begun development of a new super sports bike to which new technologies from MotoGP machines will be applied."

You can read the rest of Ito-san's speech here.

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