Drugs rot your mind and body. But, people use them for a reason. They get you high, they take away your worries and they’re, well, addictive. So are bikes. If you’re going to take up an addiction, it may as well be this one. Here are 8 reasons why motorcycles are the best drug.

Motorcycles Are Legal

1) Motorcycles Are Legal

Want to get into motorcycling? Just walk your way down to the DMV, apply for a learner’s permit and sign up for a class. A few weeks later, you’ll be handed a license and getting your jollies in a legally-sanctioned manner. All 50 states allow the recreational use of motorcycles and you can even take yours across the border to Canada.


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Who would you rather deal with, a shady drug dealer in a dark alley or your “friendly” local motorcycle dealer…wait, don’t answer that.  You see, the deal here is that, so long as you aren’t bothering other people, the cops will sometimes leave you alone. But, riding a motorcycle may impact the way you’re treated at hospital if you hurt yourself on one…argh. Our legal system may also discriminate against you for using them. OK, let’s just say the counterculture element can be part of the fun.

Motorcycles Are Safe

2) Motorcycles Are Safe

The high you experience from motorcycles has not been conclusively shown to clog your arteries, impair your brain function, shut down your heart or collapse your septum.


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But, it’s one of the most statistically dangerous things a person can do in this modern age. A lifetime of motorcycle abuse has left me with metal body parts, hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical bills, months of pain, significant scarring and permanent hearing loss. But, the feeling you get from overcoming that danger is also a part of what makes riding worthwhile.

Motorcycles Make You More Appealing To The Opposite Sex

3) Motorcycles Make You More Appealing To The Opposite Sex

Leather jacket? Check. Dirty jeans? Check. Confident swagger? Check. Devil-may-care attitude? Check. There’s a reason bikers are one of the most iconic images of the American male in his prime — women dig us. Are you a female? Do you ride bikes? Can I have your number?

Motorcycles Make You Confident

4) Motorcycles Make You Confident

Somehow, using nothing but your wits to overcome danger has a way of making more mundane problems like a difficult job, a crazy boss or striking up conversation with a pretty girl just pale in comparison. What other people consider scary, we simply scoff at.

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5) Motorcycles Come With Friends

Is there any family more closely-knit, as immediately welcoming, as endearingly awkward or as ready to help out its members than that of the biker? I know there’s not one that involves more spooning.

Motorcycles Expand Your Consciousness

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6) Motorcycles Expand Your Consciousness

The sights you see will become more intense. Nature isn’t just a vague concept, it’s something we feel and smell and something which causes us both intense pain and intense pleasure. And in a way outsiders will never get to experience. Motorcycles change your perspective on life, they expand your horizons and they alter the way your mind is wired.

Motorcycles Make You Forget Your Problems

7) Motorcycles Make You Forget Your Problems

Bad day at the office? Girlfriend dump you? Is there any more life-affirming experience than just hoping on your bike and going for a ride? They make you focus on nothing but the ride and, by the time you’re done, all those problems just don’t seem so big anymore.

Motorcycles Justify Their Cost

8) Motorcycles Justify Their Cost

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Drugs? Money down the drain. But a motorcycle? It’ll likely cost you less to buy and own than a boring old car. You’ll save money on the purchase price, you’ll save money on gas and you’ll never sit in traffic or pay for parking again as long as you live. Heck, you could likely sell your car today and use the proceeds to fund an entire year of riding, a decision that will actually improve your life.

What would you add to this list?

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