Bell Helmets and Fasthouse Team Up to Bring the Sexy Back to Riding Gear

Bell Helmets, purveyors of fine motorcycling headgear since 1954, has teamed up with Fasthouse to bring riders a special edition of Bell's Moto-9 helmet. Along with the aggressively styled, eye-catching black and flow yellow Fasthouse Moto-9, pictured above, Bell plans to release an ongoing range of special edition helmets and accessories branded by Fasthouse. In addition, Bell will become the storied motocross lifestyle brand's official helmet.

The partnership between Bell and Fasthouse started when the two motorcycling powerhouses teamed up to release a limited edition Moto-9 Flex helmet decorated with Fasthouse graphics for Red Bull Day in the Dirt 2016. Reaction to the helmet was overwhelmingly positive, so Bell and Fasthouse decided to develop a longer-term partnership.

Bell, Fasthouse Join Forces to Produce Rad Helmets

In a joint press release sent out on June 1 by Bell and Fasthouse, the two brands professed their love for one another and explained a little about the potential of their collaboration.

"When I was a little dude we used to go riding in the desert – my dad was a dedicated desert racer – and I spent every weekend racing at local motocross tracks," said Kenny Alexander, Fasthouse Partner and Creative Director. "I started wearing Bell helmets at age 9. "They were then, and still are, the raddest helmets out there. Bell has deep roots, a rich moto heritage, and they make the coolest and safest helmets and Fasthouse is stoked to partner up with them.”

“Fasthouse captures the authentic attitude and lifestyle of motocross with as much passion, style and authenticity as any brand in our industry, and we couldn’t be more excited to partner with them,” said Bell Helmets Vice President Chris Sackett. “Fasthouse is so much more than just apparel and accessories. Much like Bell, Fasthouse represents the lifestyle of riding, and that authenticity is something that our customers take very seriously.”

Bell, Fasthouse Join Forces to Produce Rad Helmets

As of June 1, the Fasthouse Moto-9 is available online from Bell's website. Like all of Bell's Moto-9 line, the Fasthouse version features Bell’s lightweight composite “Tri-Matrix” shell, as well as a Velocity Flow Ventilation system for maximum cooling. All that sounds pretty good to us.

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