Back in 1963, Honda rolled out the "You meet the nicest people on a Honda" ad campaign for the tiny but mighty Cub. Little did Honda know that, 54-years and 100 million bikes later, you could still meet the nicest people on a Super Cub.

To celebrate the 100 million bike mark, Honda unveiled a totally revamped Super Cub lineup for 2018. These bikes – produced in 50 and 110cc versions – maintain the classic Super Cup looks and build quality, but feature a number of modern updates. The Cub's fairing and body work got a few minor updates and a host of really nice new colors have been added to the options list, LED lights replaced the old incandescents, and the already sturdy engine was upgraded with a tougher, lighter cylinder and piston. The bike also got a number of small quality of life upgrades, including an actual dipstick to measure the oil.

Honda Celebrates 100 Millionth Super Cub with New Models

The engine is still the old and reliable four-stroke single that's powered these bikes, with little alteration, since their introduction in 1958. Along with lighter and stronger alloys, the engine got a bunch of new needle bearings, a redesigned oil filter, and Honda's PGM fuel injection system to meet the stringent Japanese emissions standards. The exhaust system even got a new muffler with a two-stage catalytic converter in it to ensure clean emissions. Two displacements will be available, a 3.7 horsepower 50cc engine, and a 110 cc mill that puts down a staggering 8 hp.

Along with the two engine displacements, buyers can choose from two models of the new Super Cub – Classic and Professional. The Classic model is a regular old Super Cub in standard trim with 17-inch wheels. The professional model comes with front and rear loading baskets and smaller, 14-inch wheels to increase loading space.

Honda Celebrates 100 Millionth Super Cub with New Models

Honda had already planned a little party in celebration of the Super Cub's 60th anniversary at the 2018 Tokyo Motor Show, and now with the 100 million mark passed the company has even more to celebrate. If you want to know more about the history of the Super Cub – and trust me, you want to know more about the history of the Super Cub – check out Honda's in-depth discussion of its best seller here.

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