Female-focused gear maker improves upon popular bag designed for off- and on-bike use

MotoChic Gear creator Debra Chin is making her already practical backpack/handbag even more practical by introducing the Lauren Sport.

MotoChic Introduces Lauren Sport Bag

Chin launched the Lauren back in 2015 with the female motorcyclist in mind. Her goal was to provide a versatile bag for women on the go. When you’re on the bike you can convert the Lauren into a backpack, and off the bike it can convert into a stylish tote. You can read more about it here.

For 2017, Chin is gearing up to release the Lauren Sport bag in August. It’s like its predecessor in that it converts from backpack to tote, and it also has large reflective panels on the outside for better visibility. However, there are few neat new features that set it apart. The most notable difference is that the Lauren Sport rocks 100-percent vegan materials instead of leather (Wait. Does that mean it's made of vegans? –Ed). The Sport also has a LED light to help illuminate the inside of the bag. Additional features include:

  • YKK water-repellent zippers and water-resistant motoprint lining
  • Built-in grab handle on the women-friendly backpack harness for easy carrying
  • Soft lined protective pocket on the interior that fits up to a 15-inch laptop

MotoChic Introduces Lauren Sport Bag

To put the Lauren Sport through a rigorous test that will showcase its features, Chin recruited five women riders to take the bag with them on their two-wheeled adventures all over the country. Similar to the concept found in the best-selling novel and movie The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants where separated friends pass around a pair of jeans, the Lauren Sport will pass from rider to rider. Additionally, these women will document their journey with the Lauren Sport via social media.

I’m pretty stoked to see this new bag in person, especially since I have the soon-to-be old-school version of the Lauren, and still use it almost daily. This bag looks great when on or off the bike, and is constructed well: I’ve been through heavy rain showers and scorching hot days with this and it’s held up beautifully so far. The Lauren Sport is enhancing an already high-quality product, so I have no doubt these five ladies are going to love it.

MotoChic Introduces Lauren Sport Bag

The MotoChic Lauren Sport will be in stock August 2017; however, it’s currently available for pre-sale at www.motochicgear.com/shop/the-lauren-sport-bag/ If you’re interested in getting your hands on one, make sure to subscribe to the MotoChic newsletter where Debra will announce a special introductory discount on the bag.

Meanwhile, to keep up to date on the five ladies’ two-wheeled adventures as well as how the Lauren Sport fairs through their journeys, check out their social media channels:

MotoChic Introduces Lauren Sport Bag

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