Is the Honda Scoopy-i scooter making its way to European shores? Find out what's caused us to think that might be the case.

We honestly have no idea

This will shock you, but we here at RideApart don’t know everything. Which means that sometimes we come across an out-of-context bit of information and we don’t really know what to do with it. For example: The Mysterious Case of the European Intellectual Property Filing of the Honda Scoopy-i.

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Odds are you’ve never heard of the Scoopy-i. We hadn’t either until we did some digging. It’s a 108cc scooter sold in southeast Asia where scooters are very, very big. It sports a notable single headlight in the fairing that manages to be reminiscent of scooters of yesteryear whilst also adding a futuristic touch – a different styling to most Honda scooters. Seemingly aimed at younger riders, it includes a 12v socket you can use to recharge your phone when you’ve run up your battery drawing pictures of your girlfriend…. Or girl friend… Friend who is a girl.

It looks like a fun little scooter, and the fact it has an auto idle stop feature (ie, the engine shuts off when you’re at stoplights), makes it seem perfect for commuting in heavily congested cities. But that’s not what’s drawn our interest.

As best we can tell, the Scoopy-i has been around for a while, but only this this week we spotted drawings of it in a filing published with the EU Intellectual Property Office (the application having first been submitted back in July). So, the question is: what does this mean?

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Well, it could be it’s simply a European filing to ensure other scooter manufacturers, eg, Piaggio, don’t get… ah… inspired to use the same design. Or, it could mean that the cool little commuter is making its way westward. Or it could mean none of these things. Quite honestly, your guess is as good as ours.

Is This Quirky Honda Scooter Coming to Europe?
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