Combine your love of motorcycles and of coffee into one badass-looking coffee maker

Nothing revs up a morning like a good cup of coffee. For a lot of people—like me—coffee is the essence of life before 9 am. Unless you own one of those sexy barista coffee brewers though, it’s hard to get your coffee on point from home. So why not make your own DIY espresso press to get your coffee your way? All you need to do is pull apart your motorcycle to find all the pieces you need.

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Just kidding; I was just testing your devotion to drinking good coffee, I’m sure your local scrapyard will have a cylinder or two you can grab. All you have to do is follow Rulof Maker’s instructions for building the perfect cylinder espresso machine!

He combined his ingenuity for recycling salvaged parts and his love of coffee to build an espresso press. Espresso press? Espresso press.The process is the same as a French press, except this coffee maker will make you look like the perfect gearhead you are. The cylinder and piston are already built to work like a press—all he needed to do is build a contraption that would allow him to run boiling water through the ground coffee.

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Of course, the first step to his coffee madness is to thoroughly clean the bike parts. Burned Oil Latte might sound like a tasty Starbucks creation, but trust me, you don’t actually want to test it. In his instruction video, Rulof uses a glass cleaner to scrub the burnt particles off the piston and the cylinder before disinfecting the parts until they look as good as new.

He then proceeds to tinker with a coffee receptacle—the metal container with an arm that receives the grounds and pours the brewed beverage into the cup—to fit it to the cylinder. He then builds a funnel through which the boiling water will be poured into the cylinder, a base for the contraption, and a lever to work the whole thing. He then works his magic, and voilà, a DIY coffee maker with a gearhead look.

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Obviously, there’s no actual magic involved—just time and creativity—but his video shows you the entire process. You will, however, now be allowed to indulge in all the engine and coffee puns there are and kickstart your mornings with a good cuppa joe.

Source: Hackaday

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