After spending his younger days riding motorcycles, David Innes isn’t ready to give up riding.

David Innes is an 81 year-old pensioner based in the UK. Prior to his retirement, Innes toured as a professional singer for a couple decades in and around the US where he fell in love with Motorcycles. When an ankle replacement surgery went awry, Innes was left with trouble walking. This forced him to pick up a mobility scooter—with a top-speed of around 7 miles per hour—but like any true motorcycle enthusiast, he was wildly disappointed with its lack of speed, power, and bad ass looks.

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Innes' solution was to shell out approximately £4,000 (around $5,400) on a hopped-up mobility scooter, if you can even still call it a “mobility scooter”. Supposedly, Innes’ new ride is street-legal and boasts a gear-box, indicators and lights, a speedometer, and reportedly enough power to comfortably tow a "trailer”. Innes found the scoot—which he refers to as a “Harley”—online and knew he had to have it. So it was ordered from Cincinnati, Ohio, before receiving several more modifications.

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David Innes during his glory days.

David Innes during his glory days.

"Well everyone says here comes Dave on his Harley so we nicknamed it a Harley,” explains Innes. "I mean it's a fantastic scooter - I had a lot of modifications done on it. I've always loved motorbikes, years ago when I was in my 20s I used to going scrambling on a bike. The bike cost me around £4,000 - I could've bought a car with that but this was more me. Without it I would be sat in my chair on my computer, doing nothing all day. Just because I'm retired from singing and I can't walk doesn't mean that I have sit in my chair like an old man.”

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Source and photos: Hereford Times

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