An Italian vehicle obviously has to be a synonym of design and performance and the Lacama is no different

Italians have an undeniable eye for design—and I'm not saying that because I'm part Italian, just think of all the sexy-looking vehicles they come up with. In the fashion capital of Milan, even the people look good. It is no surprise that a new Italian company is dipping its toe in the electric motorcycle waters with a designer twist. Thing is, their product will also come at a designer price. You could buy a (Italian) Volt for the price of a (Chevrolet) Volt.

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Did you ever think that traveling over 7,600 miles on an electric motorcycle, from Shanghai to Milan, was even possible? Well, it is, and Italian Volt founders Nicola Colombo and Valerio Fumagalli are the ones to tell the tale. Four years after their epic journey through Asia, Colombo and Fumagalli launch their own electric motorcycle, the Italian Volt Lacama.

The Lacama packs the numbers: its 15.1 kWh battery produces 94 hp and 153 lb-ft of torque for a 0 to 62 mile per hour (100 kilometer per hour) time of 4.6 seconds. It can reach a top speed of 112 mph and its range is rated at 125 miles. Those are definitely sexy numbers to look at, but they will cost you: pricing for the Lacama is set at $38,000.

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When Italian performance meets electric technology, you get the Lacama.

The design is definitely unique—you either like it, or you don’t. Its profile is bulky, so as it has to fit a battery big enough to haul the bike’s 500 pounds around. The floating saddle gives a bit of airiness to the silhouette. Volt will allow each customer to personalize their Lacama thanks to a variety of paint schemes, fairings, seats, and such. They plan on hand-making only 25 of these bikes which helps explain the car-like price point.

Pre-orders are happening now and a $250 deposit is expected. That's barely a dent in the model’s overall price, but it will get you on your way to the keys of an Italian exotic, minus the purring engine sound. Deliveries of the Italian Volt Lacama are expected to begin next year.


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