Victory Motorcycles will be racing an all new electric motorcycle at the Isle of Man TT Zero race. That is not a typo. Victory Motorcycles will be racing an all new electric motorcycle at this years Isle of Man TT Zero.I typed that twice and can still barely believe it. Want to make it even more unimaginable? William Dunlop and Lee Johnston, both TT winners, will be riding the bikes. They didn't just come to test and see what would happen—they came loaded for the win and a shot at the outright lap record.

Polaris, who also owns Victory and Indian, has recently purchased electric bike and power train manufacturer Brammo, so the move is not exactly a complete surprise. However, racing Isle of Man TT? No one, and I mean no one expected this. We all expected them to roll the drivetrain into a cruiser and putter down the highway. This is a whole different direction and man I'm actually excited to see the TT Zero.

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Victory Motorcycles to Race Isle of Man TT Zero

Victory to compete for Isle of Man TT wins with dynamic two rider line up.

One of Joey Dunlop’s nephews, William Dunlop, will be riding one of the two electric Victory machines. The other will be ridden by Lee Johnston. Both riders have won races at the TT in past events.

Both bikes are equipped with dedicated racing motors, and a newly refined chassis that is designed to withstand the extreme conditions riders experience on the Mountain Course. The power cells have been tweaked to deliver higher performance as part of Victory’s attempt at the TT.

Parker Hannifin provided GVM PMAC motors and “highly sophisticated electric controls to maximize peak power, power delivery, and durability.”

The SES TT Zero Challenge is a timed one-lap race around the 37.73 mile (60.72 km) Mountain Course and takes place on Wednesday, June 10, 2015.

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From Victory:

"Based off of Brammo technology, and we're serious about it. In it to win it," said Victory's Kyle Clark, "Pretty cool thing to do, we're going to keep redefining American muscle. Full of surprises at Victory, stuff you never saw coming."

Now that Victory made its racing intentions official, what does this mean we will see on the street from them? Will it be the electric cruiser we all suspected or some other bike?

Victory Motorcycles to Race Isle of Man TT Zero

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Victory Motorcycles to Race Isle of Man TT Zero
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