As many of you know by now, I stand a svelte 6’5’’ and gravitate toward bigger bikes out of necessity. In my earlier review of the CB1100 DLX, I made a quip about being on any bike smaller than a 750 makes me look like a turtle humping a tic-tac.  I think my managing editor is having a go at me when I grabbed this CB300F. Thank god I wasn’t slated to pick up a Honda Grom!

I laughed my ass off for about two whole minutes when I picked this little CB300F up from Honda. I couldn't get over how ridiculous I looked on the bike after glancing at my reflection in a window. The technicians must have thought me mad, but who cares. I have a child like obsession and happiness when it comes to motorcycles.

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For the Love of Small CC Motorcycles - The Honda CB300F

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With the kickstand up and the bike in gear I took off.  I haven't been on a sub-500cc bike in more than 10 years and I can now say I've missed out on one of motorcycling’s greatest offerings.

Small bikes like this are just bananas of fun when it comes to living in a city, and this CB300F provides exactly that: Reliable and fun transportation that causes ear to ear grinning along the way. It's super nimble and peppy, and it quickly gets up to speed.

That has been my experience the entire time I've had this bike. Sure, it’s fuel injected and has a digital speedo / tach / trip / and fuel gauge, but everything else about it feels very organic and well balanced.

For the Love of Small CC Motorcycles - The Honda CB300F

What has surprised me even more about this little CB is the level of comfort it provides me. I've put in a solid hour plus ride in the saddle and my hips and knees aren't too much worse for wear. Astonishing.

As for handling…man, it’s like riding a bicycle if you had the leg strength of Superman.  It’s that easy and that delightful to toss around. It's not exactly the fastest, but the CB300F will give you confidence and the ability to break the speed limit on the highway if you desire. I was only able to get it up to 88 mph, but at that speed, maybe I’ll be able to take it Back to the Future.

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Is it all it’s cracked up to be? Yes. No question.

Could it be a little better? Fine-tuned? Yes, and that’s what we are going to do.

What’s Next? 

Well because my love affair runs deep with the CB300F (and my friends at Honda have humored my request), it’s time to rip off some parts, put some new parts on, safety wire it, get some gear from head-to-toe, and get it to the race track for some fundamentals and hopefully….novice racing.

This is something I've been itching to do for a while and as a novice mechanic and rather new track rider, what better bike to start with than a little beginner CB300F? This little Honda can be your beginner chariot too if you're seeking to get into motorcycle racing or canyon running with out spending a ton of money. Stay tuned.

Blake at Moto Classic Garage giving the CB300F a quick chain tightening and tire check.

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For the Love of Small CC Motorcycles - The Honda CB300F
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