The quest to find the perfect storage solution to put on a motorcycle is nothing new. Part of the appeal of taking a bike out for an adventure is the fact that you are forced to leave a lot behind and live on the basics, but packing the necessities can still be frustrating. After all, you can't leave everything behind.

Finding the right combination of comfort, weight, and balance without interfering with the motorcycle's ride is a bit like a puzzle. And that challenge becomes all the more intricate when you know you'll be taking off-road routes. SPiN Cargo thinks it has found a way to ease this struggle.

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It was only natural for this company to create something like this. Based in Bend, Oregon, taking outdoors adventures is basically second nature (I swear that wasn't planned) for SpiN Cargo. The proposed solution you see is called the Revolution, and it's essentially a one-wheeled towable trailer that is intended to be able to hand rougher terrain while also adapting to your varying loads. It hooks right up to your rear wheel, it's street legal on roads, and can drive right onto the dirt.

SPiN's Off-Road Motorcycle Trailer Eases and Expands Your Cargo Needs

Adjustable to Your Liking

There are quite a few adjustable features on here for such a simple concept. You can set the shock preload, compression, and dampening on the air suspension. Wheel travel can be altered between 2 1/2 inches to up to 7 inches. The pivot angle on the hitch can be changed, the cargo capacity is variable, the wheelbase can be lengthened, and even the height can be changed if you know you're going to be crawling over lots of rocks and other obstacles.

For bigger vehicles, it can tow 80-plus pounds, but SPiN recommends between 30-60 when it's hooked to a motorcycle.

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Not Just for Bikes

Though the most obvious use is with a motorcycle, it can also be used with other off-road vehicles like four-wheelers or side-by-sides as well.

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Built for the future.

A smart product purchase is one that you won't have to upgrade, exchange, or replace in a year—you know, like, the exact opposite of all of your iPhones. The cool thing about the Revolution is that it has a modular tubular design. That means (in addition to all the adjustable pieces) it will be able to change in the future with new pieces or updated capabilities. You won't have to buy other trailers, you can just switch this one up.

SPiN's Off-Road Motorcycle Trailer Eases and Expands Your Cargo Needs
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