With the winter riding season in full effect, there are many motorcyclists out there who have put up their bikes due to freezing temps, snow and ice. We will see you all again in the Spring if you are not already out on the lake ice-racing.

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For many more of us in the warmer sections of the country, all we need to do is contend with rain. With El Nino beginning to make its initial run at Southern California this week we encourage all motorcyclists that ride in the rain not to speed or behave recklessly. We here at RideApart encourage you to use good judgment and common sense. Stop for that coffee, take it slow, and be careful.

Wet roads and slippery surfaces are not a motorcyclists best friend.

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Don't be this guy who slides his bike down the highway in a torrential downpour due to a heavy throttle hand and sheer stupidity.

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Don't Ride Like An Idiot in the Rain - Video
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