Check out an inattentive driver education video done by Washington State. Share it with cagers and educate them as well ourselves.

The state of Washington has released a new motorcycle awareness video targeting inattentive drivers.

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The eight-minute-long film starts by showing a teen driver cruising the streets, eating and listening to loud music in their car. Why they chose not to have the kid texting and reading Facebook on his phone is beyond us.

When he turns into the path of a motorcyclist traveling the opposite direction, time stops, giving both the driver and rider a chance to exit their vehicles and talk to each another.

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After some initial frustration, Randy the motorcyclist gets in the car with Ian, the teen driver, and teaches him the dos and don’ts of driving when sharing the road with motorcyclists. Randy’s lessons include looking twice before turning and giving motorcycles more space. The tone of making motorcycles seem even more unsafe in the video is a little off-putting. Drivers who think that rules and regulations will fix the issue, or that putting bigger lights on bikes will lower collisions, will have those beliefs reinforced.

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The two eventually return to their vehicles and the inevitable crash takes place. The personalization of the rider to the driver is powerful and moving. When we drive we always are worried about ourselves, but we need to look out for others just as much!

The YouTube video has already been viewed over 200,000 times in just a few weeks.

Will Washington's Inattentive Driver Video Help?


Will Washington's Inattentive Driver Video Help?
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